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RD Fishing Vessel Comes to the Rescue of Drifting Sea fearers Again

FV Dolores 865, a fishing vessel belonging to RD Fishing and based in Madang has once again come to the rescue of drifting seafarers.

On Tuesday 19th November, a four men crew were rescued by FV Dolores 865 after been drifting. They were picked up south of Alim Island in the Manus province. The dinghy and the four men crew were ferrying 17 bags of betelnut from Bagbag Island in Madang province and intend to travel to Manus when they ran out of fuel and had engine problems. They had departed from Bagbag Island on the Saturday the 17th November.

All were rescued in good health and good condition including their bags of betelnuts.

This is not the first time PNG based fishing vessels such as RD Fishing had come to rescue of troubled sea fearers in the open sea.

Salute, FV Dolores 865 and RD Fishing!!


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