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The Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc., is a registered “Association” with the PNG Investment Promotion Authority

Registered in 1991 under the PNG Associations Incorporations Act 1966.



To drive domestic fisheries industrialisation to create and enable the maximum long term economic benefit from the sustainable use of our fishery resources

Our members will enjoy the highest levels of economic benefits through the sustainable use of our fisheries resources


To provide a united voice of the Fishing and Associated Industries

To facilitate and encourage the promotion of the Fishing and Associated Industries in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere and;

To undertake, coordinate and promote liaison and negotiations with National Fisheries Authority, the Minister responsible and with any other persons or bodies having an interest or an effect on the Fishing or Associated Industries in Papua New Guinea.


Its membership composition consists of:

Companies and operators in the tuna industry (both the fishing and shorebased processors)

Prawn operators

The beche-de-mer buyers and exporters

Associated industries such as crew recruitment and placement agencies, fisheries consultancies services; and

Provincial umbrella artisanal fishing cooperatives.


Presentation at Brussels
Golf with the Team
PNA-NFA-Industry Workshop on VDS and iFI
PNG MSC Stakeholders Roundtable Workshop
NFA-Industry Rebate Scheme Consultation
Bill Holdens -MSC Mgr  Asia Pacific Pres
Purse seine transhipping to Carrier in M
FIA President and Ex Officer at March 20
RVS FishWorld Inc Welcomes Sylvester Pok
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