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Seafood Sector Social Footprint Assessment of PNG FIA tuna fleet by Seafoodmatter

Updated: Jan 31

Dutch-based consultancy company Seafoodmatter created the Social Accountability on-board tuna fisheries benchmark tool in 2014. In 2015  being a pioneer in Human Rights assessment on Fishing Operations in the Pacific, Seafoodmatter shared the first-ever assessment results in the Pacific Tuna Forum (PTF) in Nadi, Fiji in 2015. This year the Fishing Industry Association called Seafoodmatter jointly with its strategic partner  FishListic began a social assessment process for the Papua New Guinea Fishing Industry Association of their tuna fleet in June 2019. This work applies the unique Seafood Sector Social Footprint Scoring Framework developed by Seafoodmatter. This has been developed and tested through working with Austral Fisheries in the last two years. It enables fishing vessel operators to understand the requirements of leading international standards for social conditions on board vessels. These include ILO188, ILOC183, SA8000, the Framework for Social Responsibility in the Seafood Sector (Certification and Ratings Collaboration, Jan 2018), and the social conditions required by the Marine Stewardship Council. FishListic is joining the team given their deep knowledge of tuna fisheries globally and to begin to build capability in the Western Pacific for this work.


Seafoodmatter is a Dutch leading sustainable seafood consultancy company, that provides tailored, unique services in seafood ecolabelling, social auditing, seafood business, traceability solutions, capability building, and policy analysis. 


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