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May 28 - Menstrual Hygiene Day

The Fishing Industry Association of Papua New Guinea observes this day as a significant time in the calendar of each year for our organization, its members and the 15, 000 workers in our canneries of which 80 per cent of workers represent women and girls.

The theme for this year is #PeriodFriendlyWorld is a statement that resonates in our industry where we have a controlled environment that promotes good hygiene and personal grooming behaviors by our workers who are mostly women and girls in factories. We have a duty as an industry that demonstrates best practices in food handling for our processing facilities and canneries to operate in an environmentally friendly way. We are mindful by acknowledging the challenges that women and girls face in menstrual hygiene management in a calendar year as they work to contribute to our industry. Awareness and self-care is key to empowerment for women and girls in Menstrual Hygiene Management for a #periodfriendlyworld .

In today's event at the Crowne Hotel, hosted by WaterAid PNG in partnership with Queen Pads both Non-governmental agencies. Our Social Accountability and CSR Officer, Clare Tutuana representative of the Fishing Industry Association came away with this take home message that Menstrual Hygiene Management MUST be seen as a Human Rights for all women and girls. When a system of governance perceives Menstrual Hygiene Management as part of Human Rights for Women and Girls, it drives the conversation around the space of WASH to introduce standards, develop policies and regulations to minimize the associated risks involved for a


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