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Manta’s release by the FIA PNG tuna fleet F/V Chenille

We are increasing the awareness of Mantas’ importance in the marine ecosystem and their vital role in the marine food chain. Our Crew is constantly collecting videos to show how they are part of this change in bringing a positive impact on the PNG tuna fishery and the Western Central Pacific Ocean.

We are carrying out a webinar series of "Training on FAD management and safe handling practices of endangered, threaten, and protected species (ETP)" virtual and face2face when it is possible. We are reaching Captains, Crew, First mates, fishing company managers, and chiefs to share with them the WCPFC CMM best practices that are compiled in our FIA PNG best handling practices for safe release procedures available on our website.

In this video, we observe in action the fishing vessel Chenille's crew members from the Starcki Venture Corporation (SVC) tuna fleet releasing and saving Mantas as part of our FIA PNG’s effort for the conservation of ETP. It is not an easy task to release them, Crew safety comes first, and then immediately the Manta is released alive. We are improving our ETP practices day by day. We, at FIA PNG, ensure the best handling and release practices of ETP species to improve populations and their survival purpose.


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