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Campaign to increase awareness to avoid and reduce the use Single Used Plastic (SuP) in PNG Beaches

Frabelle Fishing (PNG) Limited is fully committed to caring for the environment as a responsible corporate citizen whilst at the same time promoting its overall Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) under the umbrella of the Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc. (FIA-PNG), which Frabelle is an active member of. Routinely twice per month, Frabelle Fishing (PNG) Ltd conducts a coastal clean-up drive to remove single used plastic accumulated in and around the area and to avoid going back to sea.

For this particular activity carried out on 21st August 2021, Frabelle PNG assigned a team comprising of 13 of its staff to carry out specific clean-up around the shore side of Didiman creek in Lae city, PNG. They were able to collect approximately 26 kilograms from the inter-tidal beach area, and an additional 81 kilograms from the beach. The result of this clean-up clearly shows that people need to be continuously reminded and to be made aware of the need to responsibly dispose their rubbish and be more environmentally friendly. When people are made aware of the impact such actions have on the environment and the entire ecosystem then be rest assured that it is a small but an important step towards creating a waste-free world.


During the clean-up along the beach waterfront, Frabelle PNG collected single-use-plastics (SuP), marine litter and also used fishing nets being discarded. Everything was handled and disposed in accordance with its Garbage Management Plan and the FIA-PNG Marine litter and Fishing Gear Procedure.


Frabelle PNG Ltd and FIA-PNG are contributing to the World Beach Cleanup Day which was instituted by The Ocean Conservancy in 1991, from two international programs within the framework of the International Coastal Cleanup campaign. This is also an American initiative under the name "Clean Up the World" that is currently celebrated on 18 September in more than 123 countries.

During this day, thousands of people gather to collect solid waste from beaches, rivers and wetlands and identify the sources of this waste, as well as modify the behaviors that cause pollution through various awareness programs.


During the clean-up campaign, this is what Frabelle Fishing (PNG) Limited has to say, “Becoming aware of the problem is the first step towards taking responsibility and actively pursuing alternatives to our plastic waste. Be that refusing a straw, using an eco-friendly bags while shopping, lobbying to your local government officers to provide support by encouraging companies to look after their plastic waste or starting our own waste management initiatives. Start to relay awareness on how to reduce/re- use and recycle plastic. Imagine this if all stakeholders have this same mindset toward this campaign”: Glenn Mesias, Fleet and Port Operations Manager at Frabelle Fishing (PNG) Limited

In support of this important corporate responsibility, the President and Chairman of the Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc., said that: “Frabelle Group is a world-class, deep sea fishing company which specializes in the catch of sardines, mackerel, round scad, skipjack, frigate, and yellowfin tuna and depends on the oceans marine resources. The company maintains a fleet of over a hundred vessels which operate mainly in the waters of the Western and Central Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans, and remains dedicated to maintaining the health of its fisheries though the employment of sustainable fishing practices. We harvest the fish in the ocean in sustainable limits. If plastics and marine litter are not controlled and reduced this will affect the marine life and will have an adverse impact on Frabelle’s future business. Frabelle is in full support to this campaign. We need to step up to protect our wildlife ecosystem and see this as a great and noble responsibility to providing our kids and grandkids a healthier and sustainable environment in the future. We see this as an important initiative that we should take pride of to increase awareness in our country and also to maintain our beaches clean and free from single-use-plastics and marine litter: Sylvester Pokajam, Chairman of Fishing Industry Association of Papua New Guinea


Through this activity, Frabelle PNG Ltd and FIA PNG contribute to Sustainable Development Goal # 14 (Life in the Ocean) that seeks, by 2025, to prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, in particular that are produced by activities carried out on land, including marine debris and nutrient pollution.


In 2018, FIA PNG publicly committed to their Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) that included a comprehensive procedure and audit tool looking at Marine Litter and Fishing gear mitigation, which is mandatory for FIA PNG members. In May of 2019, a Gap Analysis and initial workshop was carried out in Lae city, attended by FIA PNG members and the National Fishing Authority (NFA) representatives. Later in August 2020, the FIA-PNG Marine Litter and Fishing Gear Procedure and Audit Policy was review by external peer-reviewers and stakeholders which included International Sustainable Seafood Foundation (ISSF), OceanOutcomes, Geonardo, FAO and Auchan. Finally, between May and June 2021, a webinar series was carried out with FIA PNG members and attended by eighty-five (85) participants from its member-companies. The purpose of this webinar series is to transfer knowledge, explain how to use this procedure and audit tool, how to collect verifiable evidence and suggestions about how to raise awareness on this important issue.

FIA PNG company-members that attended the webinar series between May and June include:

· Frabelle Processing PNG Limited

· Frabelle Fishing Corporation

· RD Tuna Canners Ltd PNG

· RD Fishing

· International Food Corporation (IFC)

· Majestic Seafood Corporation Limited

· Nambawan Seafood Corporation Limited

· South Seas Tuna Corporation Limited (SSTC)

· Fair Well Fishery

· Trans-Pacific Journey Fishing (TPJ)

· TPS marine fishing

The pie graph below illustrates the make-up of participants that attended the webinar series which included personnel from the fishing operation side and the management team:


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