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Participating Company Compliance 2nd Party Audit Report by FIA PNG:Marine Litter & Fishing Gear 2022

As part of our RSP commitment to improving the sustainability of the Papua New Guinea tuna fisheries, we continue auditing on annual basis our tuna fishing companies’ members. Participating companies were audited based on the FIA PNG Marine litter and Fishing gear policy v5.0, and procedure v4.0 in effect during the audit period.

To support tuna stock and tuna ecosystem sustainability, FIA PNG Participating Companies have committed to meet RSP measures designed to improve the long-term health of tuna fisheries that includes sustainability, Marine litter & Fishing gear, Traceability, Social Responsibility, and Crew Welfare.


This document describes the protocol for the auditing of fishing companies’ compliance with those RSP measures in effect in 2022.

Per the FIA PNG MoA in place, Participating Member Companies (PC) are obliged to respond fully, accurately, and promptly to all reasonable requests made during the audits on-site. Participating Member Companies shall provide appropriate supporting documents, verifiable evidence, data, photos, and other necessary support. Appropriate confidentiality obligations will be established and observed by FIA PNG Office staff. The FIA PNG Sustainability Director will provide a Final Audit Summary report and data analysis to the FIA PNG Chairman and hold a one-by-one meeting with Participating Companies to evaluate results and documentation support.

FIA PNG office will publish the compliance status report on the FIA PNG website after a peer review of the results with each PC, and after all the requirements of the Compliance RSP Policy have been satisfied.

Performance of all FIA PNG Participating Companies in Second Party Audit – 2022 Marine litter & Fishing gear mitigation
Performance of all FIA PNG Participating Companies in Second Party Audit – 2022 Marine litter & Fishing gear mitigation

The scoring is not consistent and two (2) of our members have not attended yet a formal training that includes the Marine litter and Fishing gear requirements. On the other hand, there is a high-performance score about awareness and training in a third member company, it is important to clarify that this FIA PNG ML& FG due diligent process started with one fishing vessel per company, and it would take time to complete the full awareness and training of the entire FIA PNG tuna fleet with more than 1600 Crew members working onboard about this topic, therefore it is a work in progress.

To view the full audit report, click the file below:

FIA PNG Participating Company ComplianceSecond-Party Audit Report
Download PDF • 8.86MB


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