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FIA PNG - Fishing Industry Association Of Papua New Guinea

The Fishing Industry Association (FIA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1991, with membership consisting of the fishing companies and seafood processors of Papua New Guinea, all of whom are working to promote responsible management of the fisheries industry. For instance, the FIA PNG members are encouraged to implement practices that drive social responsibility practices related to labor conditions; to mitigate and minimize the impact of marine litter and fishing gear; as well as manage their fishing operations in a responsible manner by preserving biodiversity and conforming to the conservation measures included in the terms of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. Our FIA PNG Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) has been recognized by several stakeholders as a holistic and comprehensive approach for maintaining healthy Marine Ecosystems and look after Labour Conditions on-board and Crew Welfare.

The tuna members of the Association are involved in all aspects of the tuna supply chain – fishing, trading, logistics, processing, sales, and marketing. We have a tuna fleet of 86 tuna purse seiners and a total tuna processing capacity of 980 MT/day in 6 tuna processing facilities located in Papua New Guinea; These member companies are as follows:

  • Frabelle Processing PNG Limited - (MSC-C-53092)

  • Frabelle Fishing Corporation

  • RD Tuna Canners Ltd PNG - (MSC-C-54816)

  • RD Fishing

  • International Food Corporation (IFC) - (MSC-C-53094)

  • Majestic Seafood Corporation Limited - (MSC-C-54164)

  • Nambawan Seafood Corporation Limited - (MSC-C-56496)

  • South Seas Tuna Corporation Limited (SSTC) - (MSC-C-53093)

  • Fair Well Fishery

  • Trans-Pacific Journey Fishing (TPJ)

  • TPS marine fishing

The core business of the FIA PNG fishing and processing comprises selling whole round frozen tuna, pre-cooked frozen tuna loins, raw packed canned tuna, and canned tuna. The processors are mainly foreign investors who also have other processing sites in the Philippines and Thailand producing tuna in glass jars and pouches, among others

Our tuna products are fully traceable from ocean to plate through the Integrated Fisheries Management Information System (iFIMs) at Sea in almost real-time, and at land also our tuna processor holds the MSC Chain of Custody certification, we are the only fishery that still places 100% observers onboard our tuna vessels for reporting to the fisheries management authorities in the Pacific region. Our tuna landings and tuna unloading at the port are also fully audited by the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) providing a robust, independent, and transparent report when it comes to tuna metric tonnes, and species coming into the global tuna supply chain.

Ensuring the highest quality products processed our tuna factories hold several certifications like HACCP, BRC, and Halal. Also for Social Accountability our tuna processor holds Smeta/Sedex, BSCI, and ICS.


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