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FIA and NFA delegations attending MSC Fishery standard v3.0 workshop

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The Papua New Guinea delegations consisting of officers from the Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc and the National Fisheries Authority namely Ms. Nialangis Posanau- Sustainability & MSC Coordinator, Ms. Clare Tutuana - Social Accountability & CSR Officer and Ms. Stephanie Pokajam- VMS & Traceability Officer - the National Fisheries Authority's Officers from MCS, Observer Program and FMU represented by Ms. Glenda Barry-Manager MCS Compliance, Mr. Bentley Sabub FMU, Mr. Adrian Nanguromo Observer Manager, Mr. Esmond Dale and Mr. Joseph Posu Fisheries Management Officer – Lobster, connected with other delegations from Western Australia, Queensland, and New Zealand from the Government, Industries, NGO’s and CAB who attended a 1-day MSC Fisheries Standard v3.0 workshop in Perth, Western Australia. The workshop was held on the 20th December 2023 at the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development (DPIRD). The main objectives of the MSC Fisheries Standard v3.0 workshop were to:

  • Build confidence in the application of new requirements;

  • Practical experience with v3.0 application;

  • Interact with MSC staff and

  • Guidance on further resources.

Our involvement in this workshop will help support and maintain sustainable fisheries commitments in Papua New Guinea. There were a lot of issues raised and discussed by participants and host (MSC staffs) regarding the MSC standard v3.0 with good feedbacks from host (MSC staff) during the workshop.

The standard through a lot of changes and discussion finds the common ground to work on better understanding on fishery specifics of sustainable fisheries around the globe and makes a “fit for purpose and best practices being evaluated” for all. It helped us see where things are working well and where the challengers are in different parts of the world and that was the purpose behind this new version of the MSC standard.

It was a great experience for all the delegations who attended the workshop all thanks to the Marine Stewardship Council for hosting this workshop and the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development (DPIRD) for accommodating this workshop and making it a success.

PNG delegates at the MSC Fisheries

Standard v3.0 workshop

Tour with the MSC staffs at Western Australia Fishing

Industry Council (WAFIC) Office

Prepared By: Stephanie Pokajam

VMS & Traceability Officer.

Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc.

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