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Enhancing Partnerships in Ocean and Fisheries GovernancePapua New Guinea and Global Fishing Watch

Port Moresby, 3rd June 2024; last month a very important workshop was carried out in Port Moresby by the Global Fishing Watch (GFW) in conjunction with the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) and the Fishing Industry Association (FIA).

Led and coordinated by our FIA PNG Traceability and VMS Stephanie Pokajam, and Andrew Taunega from GFW. The workshop is part of the existing agreement between NFA and GFW to provide technical training and analytical support on the use of GFW’s open data technology.

Representatives from NFA, FIA, Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority (CEPA), and Ocean’s Office Agency attended this workshop.

It builds on the previous 2-day participatory workshop focusing on furthering collaboration and partnership between NFA and GFW. The 1-day training is an opportunity for GFW with NFA and FIA partners to explore the opportunities presented by innovative technologies and their application in Monitoring Control and Surveillance and seafood traceability. The training offered an opportunity to share experiences, forge connections, and observe the real-world application of innovative technologies and transparent data in illuminating human activity at sea.

The main objectives of this training are:

  1. Engage with GFW’s new strategic approach

  2. Present and demo GFW platforms and tools and explain the range of tools that GFW has to offer such as vessel viewer and marine manager portal;

  3. Participants have hands-on experience with GFW platform and a selection of tools based on practical cases of interest from the participants

  4. Identify NFA and FIA analytical needs and other areas for further collaboration

The workshop from 23 to 24 of May included case studies and teamwork to enhance attendance participation. The participants were across the following topics:

  • Presentation of the GFW platform and tools

  • Deep dive into the Global Fishing Watch Map platform;

  • Practical sessions exploring the various tools (including Vessel Viewer, Carrier Vessel Portal, and Marine Manager Portal) to address vessel identity, loitering & encounters, and vessel tracks;

  • Challenges and opportunities around the use of Global Fishing Watch tools and;

  • Identify NFA and FIA analytical needs.

This technology workshop can greatly benefit the FIA PNG tuna fish industry and stakeholders by enhancing efficiency in production planning and processes, improving monitoring, and increasing overall productivity. Additionally, technological advancements can also help in maintaining strict regulatory compliance, ensuring sustainable fishing practices, and meeting customer demands for traceability, accountability, and transparency in the supply chain.


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