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PNEA Member Spotlight: Nialangis A. Posanau

Ms. Nialangis A. Posanau, the Sustainability & MSC Coordinator for the Fishing Industry Association in Papua New Guinea, plays a critical role in promoting sustainable marine resource management. She collaborates closely with industry leaders and the PNG Government, particularly the National Fisheries Authority (NFA), in her efforts to ensure a sustainable future for the country's marine resources.

One of Nialangis' most significant accomplishments is her involvement in obtaining the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) fishery certification for the Lobster fishery in PNG. This internationally recognized certification ensures that the lobsters are sourced from a sustainable fishery, with minimized impact on marine ecosystems and robust governance mechanisms. This achievement marks a major milestone, allowing PNG lobsters to carry the MSC logo, signifying their sustainable origin.

Nialangis faces several challenges in her career, particularly in advocacy and educational awareness at the community level. With varying literacy levels across the Pacific, conveying new approaches to marine resource management to local communities presents a substantial hurdle. Another major challenge is resource limitation, both financial and human, which often necessitates external expertise for important projects like fishery assessments. She emphasizes the need for training local specialists to reduce dependence on outside experts and manage costs effectively.


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