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Papua New Guinea Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc. Elects New Office Bearers for 2024

The Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc., (FIA PNG) recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 9 November 2023 at the Crown Hotel, Port Moresby, in accordance with its Constitution.

The meeting was fully attended by all its members from the fishing operators, tuna processors (canneries), and the SME fishing operators and exporters. The President and chairman of FIA PNG, Mr Sylvester Barth Pokajam, presided over the AGM. This is the sixth (6th) AGM that Mr Pokajam chaired since he took over the Chairmanship in 2017.

In accordance with its Constitution, the business to be transacted at every annual general meeting are:

  1. the receiving of the Management Committee’s report and the statement of income and expenditure, assets and liabilities and mortgages, charges, and securities affecting the property of the association for the preceding financial year;

  2. the receiving of the auditor’s report upon the books and accounts for the preceding financial year.

  3. the election of members of the Management committee; and,

  4. the appointment of an auditor and to fix his remuneration.

The members adopted the FIA PNG financial audit report (statement of income and expenditure) for 2022, approved and endorsed the FIA PNG administration budget for 2024 and further agreed to maintain the services of its current auditor, Wau Accountants and Business Consultants.

Furthermore, the members unanimously agreed to retain the services of the current members of its Executive Management Committee for 2024, with the exception of Mike McCulley of South Seas Tuna Corporation & Nambawan Seafoods Corporation who voluntarily declined from being re-nominated to the position of Vice President.

The members unanimously moved a motion at the AGM to accept the following as members of the FIA PNG Executive Management Committee for 2024:

The President & Chairman, Mr Sylvester Barth Pokajam, acknowledges the support and confidence that its members have by giving its Executive Management Committee the mandate to manage the affairs of FIA PNG and its members in 2024.

Mr Pokajam reiterated the vision of FIA PNG, which is, to ensure the people of Papua New Guinea enjoy the highest levels of direct and indirect economic and social benefits through the responsible utilisation of our fisheries and marine resources through participation.

Mr Pokajam further acknowledged the support of the National Fisheries Authority and added that, “The Fishing Industry Association work in unison with the Government of Papua New Guinea through the National Fisheries Authority in supporting and promoting the policies of the Government to ensure our fisheries and marine resources are well managed and remains highly sustainable for our people now and our future generation”.

Newly Elected Officials:

  • Sylvester Barth Pokajam - President & Chairman

  • Dale Sacay of Frabelle PNG Ltd - Vice-President

  • Fabian Chow - Honorary Treasurer

  • Donald Papaol - Executive Secretary / Executive Manager

  • Marcelo Hidalgo - Sustainability & CSR Manager

See attached document for full details:

Papua New Guinea Fishing Industry Association elects New office bearers for the coming per
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