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Launch of China Market Access-Next Course of Action

On Friday 28th October 2019, I attended a briefing session by NFA(PSID) on the above.

Summary of the update:

• Fisheries Minister had recently signed off in Samoa (October 2019) an MoU for Cooperating Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on Fisheries Charter(?)

• NFA is heading a Trade Access Mission this week (28 Oct-2nd Nov) coinciding a seafood exposition to finalize the trade protocols.

• 6x NFA officers & 3x industry representatives’ part of delegation. Industry representatives are from Coco Enterprise & United Seafood Ltd who are attending expo.

• Industry representatives attending will undertake a simulation of costing of exporting to benchmark for the China market arrangement

• There is in place List of signed productt types and tariff headings

Comments I made at the meeting;

• acknowledge the progress made to date

• need for development of SME Export & Investment Strategy for the sector to guide this pursuit under a fisheries development master plan

• Need for Harvest Strategies guide to be in place for all export/commercialized fisheries so there are readily available instructions on resource limits to guide trade and development arrangements for sustainable fisheries management and development

• Need to annex the List of signed product types and tariff headings to the Fish & Fishery Products-Food Safety and Trade Requirements

FIA will maintain follow-up on outcome this Trade Access Mission.


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