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Global Sustainable Seafoold Initiative Welcomes FIA(PNG)to its Global Partnership

Haarlem, The Netherlands - February 23, 2021. The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative is pleased to announce Fishing Industry Association - Papua New Guinea has joined GSSI as a Funding Partner.

Fishing Industry Association (PNG) provides a united voice for the fishing and associated industries in Papua New Guinea, and facilitates and encourages their promotion in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere.

“The partnership with GSSI is a milestone for us to improve and increase our commitment to the conservation of the ocean ecosystem as well as protect people working in the fishery with holistic approach included in the FIA (PNG) Responsible Sourcing Policy which includes the Marine Litter and Fishing Gear (Ghost) Management Practices and Labour Onboard Improvement (crew welfare, improving working conditions of the crew on board fishing vessels). This partnership is also a great opportunity to collaborate with global stakeholders to ensure sustainability, transparency and traceability in the seafood supply chain", said Sylvester Pokajam, President/Chairman, Fishing Industry Association (PNG).


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