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FIA PNG Responsible Sourcing Policy RSP updated video - Showing our impact

In 2019, we launched our first FIA PNG RSP video officially at the Brussels Seafood Show sharing our commitment to the four pillars of our RSP; now it is time to share our progress against this initial FIA PNG commitment with the RSP launched in 2018 in PNG.

We are so excited and we have so much good news, metrics, and KPIs to share to demonstrate how our members with 6 tuna processing sites (11000 direct workers) and 48 tuna purse seiners (1344 Crew onboard) discharging tuna catches in 4 Ports in Papua New Guinea are demonstrating impact on our People, our Planet, and Our Future.

In FIA PNG we care about our future, our fishery, and our communities, soon we will also share our Annual Report 2021 - RSP with our alignment and progress against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other initiatives. Please stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn


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