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FIA (PNG) Inc.Congratulates Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Jelta Wong, MP

On behalf of The Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc., its Members and Stakeholders, the President & Chairman, Mr. Sylvester Barth Pokajam, extends our warmest con- gratulations to Hon. Jelta Wong, MP, on your appointment as the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc. Congratulates Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources,Hon. Jelta Wong, MP We wish to assure him that he has the full support and backing of the Fishing Industry Association and all its associated members. We shall work closely with the Honourable Minister by providing accurate industry market information to guide the Government to enable us to achieve our aspiration and ensuring that good governance is maintained at the national level.

FIA PNG strongly supports the Marape Government in taking back PNG as our Government strives to fully involve and support the participation and inclusion of PNG in the fishing and processing business. The policy on building basic and appropriate infrastructure such as fishing

ports, having affordable and readily accessible utilities such as water, electricity and communication are vital for the growth of the industry and to foster interest amongst many individual groupings and businesses both within and outside to look at fisheries investment opportunities in PNG.

We wish you much success in your new post and look forward to the pleasure of working with you to strengthen the Government and Private Sector Partnership in developing our fishing and processing industry in PNG.

Congratulations, Hon. Jelta Wong, MP, Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Mr. Sylvester Barth Pokajam

President & Chairman

The Fishing Industry Association

(PNG) Inc.


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