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Fishing Industry Association of Papua New Guinea observes International Seafarers’ Day 2023 by joining the campaign that will look at seafarers'; contribution to protecting the marine environment, in line with the World Maritime theme “MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on”.

The Fishing Industry of Papua New Guinea (FIA PNG) is well placed with this theme under its Responsible Sourcing Policy that stands on its four (4) pillars and one of which is the Marine Litter and Fishing Gear Mitigation.

FIA PNG committed itself to develop and implement its “Responsible Sourcing Policy” which is focused on undertaking policy, audit tools, and work programs in implementing our strategies to;

  • Adopt and promote sustainable fishing practices

  • Minimize environmental impact

  • Ensure our members develop their employee’s wellbeing and a positive social impact along the supply chain

  • Produce high-quality products for healthy nutrition.

The purpose of this pillar on Marine Litter and Fishing Gear is to mitigate the effects of ghost gears from derelict Fish Aggregating Devices and forms a part of our focus on sustainable fishing best practices upon which FIA PNG has developed the FIA PNG Marine Litter & Fishing Gear Procedure_v4.0.

FIA PNG committed itself to publish in our Sustainability Annual Report 2021, to demonstrate our commitment and work towards a sustainable and accountable system that captures the on-board indicators.

FIA PNG committed itself to publish in our Sustainability Annual Report 2021, to demonstrate our commitment and work towards a sustainable and accountable system that captures the on-board indicators.

The 2023 campaign hashtag is #OceansWorthProtecting

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Fishing Industry Association of PNG- Article Seafarers Day 2023
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A Life Dedicated to the Seas. A native of Carles, Iloilo, Philippines, has spent over 15 years as a skilled and experienced fishing captain. Born on November 11, 1961, Captain Ociel, now 63 years old, has dedicated his life to the vast oceans and has become a respected figure in the industry.

Currently serving as the Captain of the esteemed vessel Gardenia 888, owned by Frabelle PNG Limited, Captain Ociel embodies a deep passion for his work and a commitment to preserving the marine environment for future generations.

When asked about his extensive career in the fishing industry, Captain Ociel proudly reveals his 15-year journey. With a captivating glimmer in his eyes, he recounts the reasons behind his decision to become a captain. "Since my childhood, I have been drawn to the sea. The vastness and mysteries it holds have always fascinated me. He envisions a brighter future for his family and children, shaped by the impact of his work. "As a fishing captain, I have strived to provide a stable and comfortable life for my family. Through my dedication, I hope to instill a deep appreciation for nature and the oceans in my children, emphasizing the importance of preserving our precious marine resources."

Aware of the growing concerns about marine pollution, Captain Ociel proudly states his commitment to the principles advocated by FIA PNG. With their focus on the Single Use of Plastic (SuP) and the MARPOL regulations, he recognizes the importance of preserving tuna fish stocks and safeguarding the marine ecosystem for future generations. As part of his dedication to protecting the environment, Captain Ociel has received special training from FIA PNG, enabling him to implement best practices and use advanced equipment onboard his ship. Through his role as a captain, he diligently adheres to the guidelines set forth by FIA PNG, ensuring that the marine environment remains unharmed during his voyages.

Captain Orlando M. Ociel's remarkable journey as a fishing captain and his unwavering commitment to environmental conservation serves as an inspiration to both seafarers and the broader community. His dedication, combined with the collective efforts of FIA PNG, showcases the potential for sustainable practices and a greener future for our marine ecosystems.




Champion of Sustainable Fishing and Marine Conservation Born on July 25, 1987, in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines, Captain Jeffrey Salazar has emerged as a leading figure in the fishing industry, renowned for his commitment to sustainable practices and marine conservation. At 35 years old, Captain Salazar has already accumulated an impressive six years of experience as a Fishing Captain, steering the helm of the esteemed vessel, Amaryllis 888, under the esteemed Frabelle PNG Limited.

When asked about his journey in the industry, Captain Salazar reflects on his lifelong passion for the sea. Growing up in a coastal town, he was exposed to the wonders and challenges of the marine world from an early age. Inspired by the rich maritime heritage of his community, Captain Salazar made the conscious decision to devote his life to preserving the ocean's resources and protecting its delicate ecosystems. Beyond his personal dedication, Captain Salazar recognizes the profound impact his chosen career has on his family and future generations. He understands the responsibility to leave a lasting legacy of sustainability for his children and all children to come. By adhering to stringent guidelines and participating in initiatives aimed at reducing marine pollution, Captain Salazar ensures that his profession serves as a force for positive change, securing a better future for the marine environment and his loved ones.

As a member of FIA PNG, Captain Salazar actively engages in the association's continuous efforts to improve industry practices and safeguard the ocean. He has undergone specialized training to enhance his understanding of best practices and equipment usage that contribute to environmental protection. Onboard his ship, Captain Salazar leads by example, advocating for the single-use plastic (SuP) reduction and adherence to the MARPOL regulations. His commitment to these principles helps maintain the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem, preserving tuna fish stocks for future generations. Recognizing the importance of collective action, Captain Salazar is enthusiastic about FIA PNG's campaign to raise awareness and encourage seafarers to share their experiences. Through this initiative, Captain Salazar actively participates by posting captivating photos of the marine environment surrounding him while at sea. He highlights the beauty and fragility of the oceans, emphasizing that they are worth protecting.

Furthermore, he shares his insights on the positive changes he has witnessed within the industry, including advancements in shipping technology, greener practices, and his own growing skill set. Captain Jeffrey Salazar serves as a shining example of a modern-day captain dedicated to sustainable fishing and marine conservation. His unwavering commitment to environmental protection and his proactive role in industry-wide initiatives make him an inspiration for fellow seafarers and an advocate for a greener and more sustainable future.


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