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Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc. Signs the 2025 Pledge towards Sustainable Tuna

Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc. has become the latest signatory to the 2025 Pledge towards Sustainable Tuna (25PST). The 25PST is a voluntary commitment convened by The World Economic Forum, Friends of Ocean Action and the Global Tuna Alliance (GTA). The 25PST ambition is that tuna, globally, meets the highest standards of environmental performance and social responsibility; in particular through demonstrable improvements in supply chain practices and the management of tuna fisheries by 2025.

The Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1991, with membership consisting of the fishing companies and seafood processors of Papua New Guinea, all of whom are working to promote responsible management of the fisheries industry. The tuna members of the Association are involved in all aspects of the tuna supply chain – fishing, trading, logistics, processing, sales, and marketing. The association includes a tuna fleet of 84 tuna purse seiners and a total tuna processing capacity of 980 MT/day in 6 tuna processing facilities located in Papua New Guinea.

Marcelo Hidalgo, Sustainability Director said “FIA PNG is the third-largest MSC-certified tuna fishery. We continuously work towards improving fishing practices, social responsibility at sea and at land, marine litter& fishing gear mitigation, and providing high transparency and traceability almost a real-time which are part of the FIA PNG Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP). FIA PNG is pledging to meet consumer demands by committing to making demonstrable progress on the three 25PST commitments: Traceability and transparency; Social responsibility; and Environmental sustainability.”

The 25PST was formally launched in 2021 and run until December 31st 2025, and has been registered as a ‘Voluntary Commitment for implementation of the UN SDGs’. This information is shown on the UN Ocean Conference commitment site as Ocean Action 37968.

Dr Tom Pickerell, Executive Director at the Global Tuna Alliance, said: “We welcome the signing of the 25PST by the Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc. and applaud their leadership. Voluntary sustainability commitments and the associated disclosure of performance is a powerful tool for driving change in global supply chains.”



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